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NewsLetter 2013 n. 1

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NewsLetter n. 1/2013

“D-” Project e D-Consulting, shall we give value at Disability

Disabiled from birth to Spastic Quadriplegia he wanted to set up a Socitey that, as an Incubator, promotes also projects aimed at enhancing Products and Services starting by the needs of those who are Disabled. We can offer to the industry of Products and Services our expertise to make it more Usable and Accessible what already exists, we'll imporove it even for those who is not Disable, but it can become even due to seniority. Join us to give life to this project!

The origins of a philosophy

Carlo Filippo Follis

I was brought up with the "cult of the possible" even if I knoew not all is possible. I was born in 1963, in those years technology that today accompanies us in everyday life was science fiction. A pencil can't be more or less Usable and Accessible, a computer, a smartphone, a Web portal, a TV and ... yes, they can be.

In 1984 I bought my first Apple computer – the Lisa II – and I began to use it inventing a device that market didn't offer: a pedal with which to rule the mouse pointer. This was conceived to make the computer enjoyed from Me, but also by those who would use it in the "classical way" and by his left foot.

I'm not "Differently Abled "- a term coined to abandon ourselves to our needs - but Disabled with a lot of expertise born on the ground of necessity. Even before the skills acquired through their studies, Disabled are all Doctors of needs and have different and specific skills ... All to be exploited.

We start form Progetto “D-”

That“D-” with hyphen is a Noble prefix. It is the D of Disabled that highlights all the areas that are rarely perceived by the markets or by people. I'm talking about D-Market, D-World, D-Consulting and D-Counselor. Let us limit ourselves for now to the concepts of D-Market and D-World. Disabled people in the world are about 650 million, they are the third largest minority at the planetary level. So how it is pobbible not to highlight the concepts and realities of D-Market and D-World?

Disabled people must become a “potential market expansion”, only in this way they will be “attacked” by the offer of evolved Products and Services. The term “attack” should be read positively because industry “attacks” only those markets that seem to be interesting and profitable. The D-Market is so because the D-World acquires driven by motivations that are propelling even for the Able-bodied, but also because it needs certain products which they can't do anything without. If the industry understood the needs of the D-User, many everyday products would be reconsidered without detracting from the beauty of the design or functionality.

“D-” Project want to converge in the evolution of Products or Services two parallel worlds: that of the Disabled's worlds and the Able-Bodied's one. The idea is to ask to the nice design and to the “friendly technology” to wink at a market which, if it was more considered, it would also be a great commercial outlet.

The added value of expertises born of our needs

As stated above every Disabled may have developed skills such as to suggest how to make it more Accessible and Usable a Product or a Service. Even without a specific qualification he can do counseling activities.

D-Consulting, shall we give value at the “D-” to become dei D-Counselor

D-Consulting is a project that aims to aggregate the Disabled figures in order to build a consulting group for the development of Products and Services. D-Consulting will be successful if you participate. Disability offers various issues and the needs are many and varied. That's why most diseases we will represent, more solutions we will offer. Try to think of a remote control for a TV placed in the hands of a dystrophic Disabled or a spastic and dystonic, hands act in a different way like proposals for better Usability have to be different.

Two ideas D-Consulting

The project has already produced two initial results one of which is already operating at the hands of Dr. Elisa Moro. Let's see them in detail:

  1. Actions Gate Device
    Essentially we reinterpreted the SmartWatch wich form electronic gadget turns into “Action Gate” to put on your wrist a world of useful solutions
  2. iPsichotherapy
    I thought about propose to Dr. Elisa, my partner in life, to reinvent the therapeutic Setting according to the travel restrictions that many disabled have. Through Voip carrier – see Skype for the time being – it was born iPsichotherapy, Psychotherapy just a click away. We try to understand what iPsichotherapy is starting from the presentation of Dr. Moro:
    «The Psychotherapy avaiable to Disabled and beyond. There are specialized courses for dealing with issues resulting from a disability, but that doesn't make it easy accessibility of a coundulting room to those who are disabled. The first and most fundamental right of a human being is freedom. iPsychotherapy want to be the free choice to take care of your soul for all those whom nature and society already gave so many limitations.»

Let join us to improve Our life and thethe one of All

Even if this project already lives in my actions, it's also true that to develop itself it needs new figures, it needs You. Let join us to giva a face to our skills and a multifaceted and collective face to D-Consulting. Let's create a «Task Force» of D-Mind able to attract the attention of industry, whatever the sector.

To succed in this means to improve our life, but also to make the world evolve towards the concept of FEPFor Every Person – solutions that will lead to use and share more and more thi our World.

Carlo Filippo Follis