You can multiply money, but only ideas can create it.

Ideas to steal …

In “Moral” Properties we saw as often it happens to miss the opportunity to place an own invention because the patent which protect it expires.
Therefore it seems paradoxical to imagine there are Ideas to steal …. However it isn’t so. The net profit is not always the only reason that could push to be the happy “parents” of an idea.

Sometimes human reason makes us aware, for example, that our forces, whether they are of private individuals or entrepreneur, won’t often be enough to translate into reality, through a process of industrialization and sale then, our product.
However it might be useful the world knew of our genius, then applied by others. In this case the “Moral” Property could “render” to the inventor through indirect benefits, but closely related to him.

The value of an individual, of a professional or a small enterprise would increase exponentially perhaps even generating a cascade of opportunities.
That’s why certain times we will propose, in association with the concept of “Moral” Property the offer of a Idea to steal …