You can multiply money, but only ideas can create it.

The Mission

Through a memorandum before and a enrollment in the Trade Register of Turin after, on 2nd November 2009 it borns I&BIdeas & Business S.r.l.with the purpose of becoming an incubator of thematics projects.

Society resumes in its our name the ambition that led itself to exist: to transform good Ideas into good Business opportunities.

Its own slogan is a strong belief: «Money can be reproduct, but only ideas can be created.».

More striking elements are strictness with which we deal with project ans passions of its Founding Member Carlo Filippo Follis who, being Disable, immediately thought I&B could operate even in fields and in the way to improve life of who’s Disable like him.

I&B isn’t determinated to propose quantity but quality. Planing details are always source of success and they often win on different market proposal that point to massive result.

So the ambition, but also the pledge, is to think about and to activate projects which generates reality that is able to propose excellent products and services designed also to innovate on the technical, financial and stylistic plan.

Soon I&B will try to bring to market new solutions for Everyone that will be solutions for greater independence for Disables. Carlo Filippo Follis, using his creativity and an Apple pc, reached a working independence that inspired him and it inspire him nowadays to the achievement of those solutions which he himself baptized as FEPFor Every Person – designed to converge, in the use of a simple object or in a service, two worlds which share same space: Able-bodied poeple’s and Disables’ one.

Closure of this intent page we suggest to you a video that’s so loved by Carlo Filippo Follis to pay tribute to one of the greatest entrepreneurs and innovators of our time: Steve Jobs – 1955-2011 – who was able to think in a so original way to inspire through his original«Think different».