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Join D-Consulting

If you are Disabled and you are convinced to gained a certain critical capacity about some specific products, you can send us your references.
Collection and analysis of materials received will begin in the second decade of October 2012, you can submit your curriculum together with forms we will propose to you frm 1st October 2012. The forms to fill out and to send and the email address to which send the material will be attended on this page from the end of September 2012.

Disables who want to propose themselves as D-Counselor keep in mind the following:

  1. They’re not required study qualifications.
  2. Disable have to be of working-age.
  3. Disable have to prove by a test to have appropriate critical capacities and to know how ot relate them in writing.
  4. Possibility to integrate written concepts with some graphics is appreciated, but it’s not necessary.
  5. Test mentioned in the 3rd paragraph can be prepared in time needed and then it has to be send to I&B exclusively in PDF format for the text, graphics and images can be sent in the most suitable and/or common formats.
  6. D-Counselor activity will be a full-brown work.
  7. Based on the concept expressed in the 6th paragraph and also on the legal form to be adopted for D-Consulting, I&B will support D-Counselor on specific working framework to be adopted.
  8. D-Consulting will avail itself of your work without the necessity for you to be present in our structure. When it is necessary we will make a logistic evaluation to support your specific needs. The same will be for transfers.
  9. AOB will be added and integrated looking at the development of the project.

We reiterate the project is in on a evolutionary phase, surely there will be insights and additions that may also come from the comparison with your needs.
If D-Consulting through “D-” Project has the ambition to improve products and services it will be only able to put in the foreground the needs of its own members, joiners or …: of D-Counselors.