You can multiply money, but only ideas can create it.

The first I&B Network newspaper is born to offer you a new communication format : your own Personal Business’ Communication.

An innovative communication channel for Freelancers and Businessman.

ImprendiNews is the Magazine that transforms you in Writer of your own business.

Tell as about yourself, be a storyteller: the business benefits from communication .

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The internet portal for Disabled people that want to be protagonists of their life.

The magazine is born for the D-World but it is dedicated to every person that could become disabled in every moment – also for their old age.

Disability is super partes, you can have it in you hidden in a physical disease or it could appear suddenly because of a serious trauma.

Disabili DOC is a cultural policy for your future!

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Free access database for Freelancers, Self-employed men, Enterprise and Non-profit Associations.

It was created in order to riunite all the professional figures joined to our Network.

CILIE means Infromative Centre for Freelance Professions, Enterprise and Non-profit Associations. It is a service addressed to all of you.

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D-Consulting – together with the “D-” Project – is the tool that offers to the business world the right key in order to assail the D-World : a group of 650 millions of disabled people around the world.

To assail a business means to highlight it, understand it and give it attention.

Disabled people buy not only for the pleasure of possessione and ownership but also often for necessity. The D-World is a rich subject for those that want to invest in the D-Business.