You can multiply money, but only ideas can create it.

D-Consulting, the project

D-Consulting is a project under study. It consist to bring together excellent minds in order to create a structure, corporation, foundation or … primarilycomposed by Disables able to offer their knowledge to those who want to look at the D-Market.
D-Consulting will be the “operational and implementing arm” of “D-” Project.

I&B will engage to make the idea become a reality. However, the success of the idea of ​​D-Consulting will lie mostly in the will of all those Disabled who will want to join the project.

Through these pages we will give more news and updates on the evolution of the initiative. Even the sections Join D-Consulting, Activities and Initiatives and Projects of D-Consulting will be periodically updated with new information on the evolutionary status of the project itself.

Now we are making it very clear concept that you can deepen into Join D-Consulting: you don’t need to hol a degree or to be graduated, or … to be part of D-Consulting, Disability often force to necessary deepens such as professionalize Disable’s figure in its critical ability all the more for the fields of dependence. Then it is then and obvious in view of the specific competence you need to be able to report your way to think.

Well, I&B starts the machine, You’re the fuel for a long evolutionary and constructive path!